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Los Angeles is truly the land of dreams and when it comes to apparel, STC-QST has the “stuff” those dreams are made of. We stock an extensive offering of apparel components such as: fusible interlinings, pocketing, embroidery backing and many other innovative garment construction solutions. STC-QST is also your supplier of proprietary garment enhancing products like Ban-Rol®, Q-Loop™, Flex-A-Vent and custom Constructed Waistbands as well as a broad assortment of Bra Cups and Shoulder Pads. In addition to our domestic in stock programs, STC-QST has strategic partnerships and warehouse facilities in over 32 countries worldwide allowing us to fulfill your needs both domestically and internationally.

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Serving the Global Garment Industry with Apparel Components

STC-QST is uniquely positioned to serve the garment industry on a global basis, with the finest apparel components. With offices and distribution centers in in Los Angeles, across the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Hong Kong, China, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Tunisia and over 30 other international locations, STC-QST is committed to supplying manufacturers with consistency and transparency throughout our supply chain.

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