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Los Angeles is truly the land of dreams and when it comes to apparel, STC-QST has the “stuff” those dreams are made of. We stock an extensive offering of apparel components such as: fusible interlinings, pocketing, embroidery backing and many other innovative garment construction solutions. STC-QST is also your supplier of proprietary garment enhancing products like Ban-Rol®, Q-Loop™, Flex-A-Vent and custom Constructed Waistbands as well as a broad assortment of Bra Cups and Shoulder Pads. In addition to our domestic in stock programs, STC-QST has strategic partnerships and warehouse facilities in over 32 countries worldwide allowing us to fulfill your needs both domestically and internationally.

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STC-QST is the leading supplier of apparel components – including pocketing – both in Los Angeles and around the world.

STC-QST’s local inventory includes a broad assortment of high quality, affordable pocketing in a wide variety of styles to meet your apparel component needs.

Choosing the right pocketing fabric for your garment is not as simple as it may sound. The pocketing needs to be discreet, have a good hand and be durable enough to withstand any harsh wash process your garment may be subjected to.  With this in mind, STC-QST has merchandised a broad range of pocketing qualities to meet the diverse needs of the global market.

To further add value and detail to your garments, add a print to the pocketing fabric. Whether you provide your exclusive artwork or you select a print out of our “Open Patterns”, all our Pocketing qualities can be printed on.

Listed below are just some of the many pocketing qualities we stock locally:

100% Cotton Pocketing:

Lightweight Poplin Pocketing  – Very soft. This quality is ideal for women’s pants, lighter weight bottoms and is durable enough for garment dye and a heavy denim washes.

Medium Weight Plain Weave Pocketing – Superior and versatile pocketing designed to durable enough for garment dye and heave denim washes.  This specific product is engineered to be high shrink.

Heavy Weight Twill Pocketing – Exceptionally durable pocketing designed for Men’s denim garments.  Ideal for vintage washes, raw denim and garment dye.

Poly/Cotton Pocketing Blends:

Lightweight Plain Weave Pocketing – Soft yet very durable pocketing perfect for light weight bottoms, jackets and jeans.  Built to withstand the harshest of washes.

Medium Weight Twill Pocketing – Our most versatile pocketing quality.  This product is the ideal weight for those who want consistency across both men’s and women’s pants.

Heavy Weight Twill Pocketing – Extremely durable, this pocketing was developed specifically for use in denim garments.  Ideal for raw denim, vintage style chinos and will withstand the harshest of washes.

Specialized Pocketing:

Herringbone Pocketing – A popular, high quality lightweight pocketing that comes in various weights and contents.

Stretch Pocketing – This line of pocketing has grown to include various weights and now includes a Herringbone.  Extremely durable pocketing that will move with your garment and withstand the harshest washes.

Fire Retardant Pocketing – A heavy weight pocketing that is UL Certified and meets NFPA 2112 standards

Whether you are making t-shirts, tailored suits or couture fashion, you will find the apparel component you are looking for from our wide selection of shoulder pads.

Made in Los Angeles or Asia we carry the best selection of quality shoulder pads in the world.

Our shoulder pad offering includes a wide variety of available custom features – so you can always find the shoulder pads you need for the rapidly changing apparel market with each season. STC-QST is ready to assist you in keeping up with the latest fashion trends- with a wide range of specification options to accommodate every apparel application.

Listed below are just some of the many shoulder pad products we offer:

  • raw set in shoulder pads
  • raw, polyester contoured shoulder pads
  • sleeve head shoulder pads
  • raw set in foam contour shoulder pads
  • raw set in pad stiff wadding
  • foam covered set in shoulder pads
  • puff polyester covered shoulder pads
  • raw raglan polyester contoured shoulder pads

Some of Our Most Popular Shoulder Pads:

1⁄4″ Covered Set-In Shoulder Pads: Soft and delicate – ideal for blouses, dresses, teen & children’s wear.

3⁄8″ Covered Set-In Shoulder Pads: Soft and naturally shaped – perfect for today’s blouses, tops & dresses.

3⁄8″ Covered Set-In Shoulder Pads With Hook-&-Loop Fasteners: Removable and lightweight for shaping blouses, dresses, women’s jackets & sweaters

We Offer Many More Shoulder Pad Styles & Sizes. Contact us for more info. 

STC-QST is recognized as a leading supplier of bra cups, an integral apparel component for the dress, swim, lingerie, and active-wear markets.  STC-QST’s Sales Team can work with you to find the right bra cup solution for your garments.

Los Angeles’ Leading Supplier of Bra Cups

Our broad assortment of high quality, affordable bra cups come in a wide array of fabrics, shapes, styles and sizes. At STC-QST we are continuously striving to innovate, offering our customers the latest on-trend shapes and using the newest materials.

With hundreds of styles and the ability to create bespoke custom bra cups for your garment construction needs, STC-QST is the perfect fit for your bra cup needs.

Listed below are just some of the many Bra Cups we offer:

  • Push Up Bra Cups

  • Breathable Bra Cups

  • Demi Bra Cups

  • Full Coverage Bra Cups

  • Plus Size Bra Cups

  • Minimizing Bra Cups

  • Nursing Bra Cups

STC-QST is the premier supplier of waistband and waistband components in Los Angeles and around the globe.  Whether you need a component to enhance the waistband of your garment or you need customized waistband curtaining, STC-QST is your go to for the apparel component you need.

Listed below are just some of the many waistband products we offer:

Ban-Rol® Waistbands

Ban-Rol® is the world’s leading waistband insert. Ban-Rol is the original “non-roll” waistband interlining famous for “eliminating unsightly waistband roll-over” in men’s and women’s pants and slacks. Patented Ban-Rol is available in various hands and qualities for any fashion from dress to casual

Ultra Ban-Rol® Waistbands

Ultra Ban-Rol® A specially constructed waistband interlining for use in uniforms, workwear, and industrial garments. Features “original non-roll” waistband support.

Flex-A-Vent™ Waistbands

Flex-A-Vent™ a power knit product with elastomeric properties. Perfect for waistbands in Maternity wear, inserting into back panels of jackets for extra give across the upper back and shoulder or inserting into a waistband to provide that extra stretch.

Constructed Waistbands

Commonly found in dress slacks and trousers, waistband curtaining is a customizable design element that can make your garment stand out.  Each waistband is made to order.

STC-QST is the leading supplier of the apparel component interlining in Los Angeles and around the globe.

With the face of fashion constantly evolving, designers and patternmakers have relied on STC-QST for over 40 years to help them choose the right product for their garment construction needs.  Regardless of whether manufacturing is done domestically or overseas, STC-QST’s product range has a solution to your apparel component application.

Our team of experts have decades of experience in working with Designers and Product Development teams, so let us put our expertise to use for you.   Whether your garment is formal and structured, soft and casual, heavily washed, garment dyed or Dry Clean only, the correct choice is available at STC-QST.

Los Angeles’ Premier Interlining Supplier

Our exceptional interlining products have been utilized in some of the most exclusive apparel on the market. And while we stock the largest selection and the highest quality interlinings – you will find our prices are competitive.

Let our capable staff of technicians work with you to determine which interlining products are just right for your garments.

STC-QST is known for innovating new uses for various apparel components.  In this case, we have taken an Embroidery Backing and used it to solve various problems that arose in the garment production process.

Our Tear Away backing can be used as a vital apparel component to prevent seam slippage on difficult to sew, lightweight fabrics and reinforce high stress areas such as bar tacks to prevent tearing in laundry.  STC-QST’s premium backings impart a clean, lint free tear for easy removal in final trimming.

In addition to stocking our products in full-width piece goods rolls, STC-QST offers die-cutting to any dimension or slitting to any width to accommodate all of you apparel component needs.  It is important to note that we do not contract our processing to outside cutting services, but rather, complete all orders in-house.

We Are the Leaders in Apparel Component Tear Away Products

STC-QST is the leading supplier of apparel component Clear Elastic in Los Angeles and around the globe.  STC-QST’s inventory includes a wide variety of high quality, affordable clear elastic available in a variety of widths and thicknesses.

Our premier quality polyurethane elastic has excellent stretch, recovery and memory. This clear elastic does not absorb moisture and is chemical resistant – making it ideal for casual wear, athletic wear and swimwear. It is suitable for use in: arm, leg and openings; shoulder lines; cinching; shape retention of lace apparel; shoulder straps; and anywhere that your garment requires added elasticity.

Our thin, supple, lightweight clear elastic has superior stretch power & lasts considerably longer than rubber.

STC- QTC Supplies Clear Elastic for Garment Construction that is:

  • Ideal for men’s, women’s and children’s apparel.
  • Invisible for use with any fabric color.
  • Thin and lightweight – suitable for delicate fabrics.
  • Stabilizes seams in knit garments.
  • Soft and comfortable next to skin.
  • Stitched on or topstitched.
  • Perfect for swimwear, aerobic wear & athletic apparel.
  • Chlorine safe, oil and saltwater safe.
  • Machine washable and dry cleanable.

STC-QST is known as a leading supplier of the apparel component sleeve heads in L.A. and around the globe.

STC-QST offers an extensive assortment of high quality, affordable sleeve heads in a wide array of materials, styles, weights and sizes.

About Our Sleeve Heads

Our sleeve heads supply excellent support for the sleeve cap in garments including shirts, jackets and coats. Our high quality sleeve heads perfectly fill the gap between the arm and the sleeve top – ensuring a nice roll line in a high cap sleeve, and preventing and prevent the ridge of the seam allowance, which is turned towards the sleeve, from showing through.

We offer larger sleeve heads for use in coats or jackets in medium and heavy weight fabric. We also supply thinner and smaller sleeve heads for use in shirts and other garments made with lightweight fabric.

  • Die-cut, non-woven felt sleeve heads

  • Non-woven felt sleeve heads with biased hair canvas sewn on top

We also offer:

  • Natural Sleeve Heads,

  • Roped Sleeve Heads,

  • Neapolitan Sleeve Heads, and

  • Custom Sleeve Heads

Serving the Global Garment Industry with Apparel Components

STC-QST is uniquely positioned to serve the garment industry on a global basis, with the finest apparel components. With offices and distribution centers in in Los Angeles, across the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Hong Kong, China, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Tunisia and over 30 other international locations, STC-QST is committed to supplying manufacturers with consistency and transparency throughout our supply chain.

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