Flame Retardant Inner Component Products

We leverage our extensive technical expertise with fabrics to offer innovative fire retardant Inner Component Products that meet or exceed the respective Fire Safety Regulations. Our FR products are so soft you’ll swear they aren’t Fire Retardant.
STC-QST Flame Retardant Inner Component Products are industry favorites among premier manufacturers in the home furnishing, apparel, hotel, hospitality, and furniture industries.

Flame Retardant Pocketing

Our proprietary manufacturing process gives our Flame Retardant Pocketing extra strength, without sacrificing softness & comfort.

STC-QST’s Flame Retardant Pocketing is both UL and NFPA 2112 certified.

Our Flame Retardant pocketing in neutral undyed natural and white that can be used with virtually any garment. We also offer dye-able Flame Retardant Pocketing for use in specialty garments where pocketing needs to match.

Fire Retardant Ticking

We leverage our extensive technical expertise with FR fabrics to offer innovative ticking products that are certified to meet California Technical Bulletin 117-2013, both Section 1 and Section 2 – making STC-QST a favorite supplier of ticking for the hotel and hospitality industry.

Our FR ticking fabric combines softness and comfort with a fire-retardant barrier that is unmatched in any other 233 count Ticking.

STC-QST’s Flame Retardant Ticking is ideal for all home furnishing, furniture, and hotel & hospitality industry applications.

Global Supplier of Flame Retardant Inner Components

STC-QST is uniquely positioned to serve the apparel and home furnishings industries on a global basis, with the finest flame retardant inner construction components. With offices and distribution centers in Los Angeles, across the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Hong Kong, China, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Tunisia and over 30 other international locations, STC-QST is committed to supplying manufacturers with consistency and transparency throughout our supply chain.

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