Embroidery Backing

STC-QST’s line of high-quality Embroidery stabilizers feature a wide range of cut away, tear away and cap backing products for embroiderers both large and small to choose from.  Whether it’s full-width piece goods, slit-to-width yardage or pre-cut pieces in standard dimensions, in-between sizes or large sheets you’re looking for, we can supply it all!  While other suppliers are content to rely on outside cutting services to process your order, STC-QST’s automated in-house cutting and slitting machines provide us with the freedom and control to respond to our customers’ needs, insuring delivery on time, every time!

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Say goodbye to unsightly residual fibers once and for all with premium grade tear away products that exhibit exceptional ease and cleanness in the finishing process.  Because our backing products can be removed with a minimum of effort in either direction, operators now have the luxury of tearing as close to the stitch line as possible, reducing the chances of creating distortion in the embroidery’s design.

Used primarily for direct embroidery on stable fabrics such as denim, nylon and twill, STC-QST’s economically-priced tear away products are available in a series of weights to accommodate whatever stitch count your design requires, at a price that you can afford!

Cap embroidery requires a tear away with enough integrity to withstand highly concentrated areas of perforation without the problem of needle-cutting.   Our heavy-weight cap backing products stay anchored to the frame throughout the embroidery operation, ensuring perfect results on traditional front panel designs such as golf logos and sports team insignia, as well as “free style” wrap-arounds for the street.

Whether embroidering small, intricate logos or larger, full-back designs, our premium grade cut away backing products are engineered to provide the kind of exceptional support and stability that renders embroidery registration problems a thing of the past.

Because of their unique and highly consistent wet-laid, random-webbed construction, STC-QST products resist deterioration where conventional binder-bonded products begin to breakdown, thus retaining their original shape after repeated washing and wear.

And with a full range of weights to choose from, these soft-to-the-touch stabilizers eliminate even the slightest trace of scratchiness from the backing left inside the garment.  Great for T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, polos and pull-overs of all kinds!

Wash Away, Water Soluble Topping & No-Show Mesh

You can also rely on STC-QST for “wash-away,” a type of tear away engineered to dissolve over time after washing, thus eliminating the backing altogether – a useful feature when embroidering on fashion garments such as collared shirts, blouses and dresses.  Our water-soluble topping is a must when embroidering on high-pile fabrics such as velvet and terry cloth.   This lightweight film is designed to keeps stitches buoyant, imparting a clean, crisp, professional finish to face cloths, towels and robes.  Just spray the residual film away with a splash of warm water – dissolves before your very eyes!   And don’t forget our soft, yet highly durable “No Show” mesh, an essential component for embroidering on polos, tees and tanks where elimination of shadowing on white garments is especially critical.

Remember, all our products are designed with these important characteristics in mind…

  • Highly hoop stable
  • Perforation-resistant
  • Application-specific
  • Washable and dry-cleanable
  • Wet-laid for softness
  • Ideal for home or commercial machines

With so many products to choose from in a wide variety of sizes and widths, it’s clear that STC-QST is among the industry leaders in embroidery backing products.

Serving the Global Embroidery Market with Stabilizer Products

STC-QST is uniquely positioned to serve the Embroidery industry on a global level, with the finest embroidery stabilizer products. With offices and distribution centers in in Los Angeles, across the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Hong Kong, China, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Tunisia and over 30 other international locations, STC-QST is committed to supplying manufacturers with consistency and transparency throughout our supply chain.

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